Project : The Oracle

Concept Visualisation of a Boss concept for the game Warframe.

The concept is for a former Tenno, the player Faction in the game, who went rogue and joined a enemy Faction, the Corpus.
She worked in the Temples for a long time before switching her focus to research and development.

Yanderesamantha is the concept artist and since her first post she has altered it twice.

Concept Art

First concept art posted. This got alot of attention, mine included and the main reason why I started doing my iwn version of it.

The second version is more like a Crewman uniform, less like a Warframe suit.


The revamp added a hood and a more femenin stylish suit.

3D Visualisation

I began with the head, trying to create an imposing, hostile face. This was a failure as it bacame too hard, and resembles a Grineer degenreate clone-soldier more than a human.


I softened it alot and arrived at the folloing iterations.

This is based in the second art. I posed test in a Corpus crewman modified suit.

 And finally I made the forms more femenin and posed her.


Scenetest with Corpus Crewmen and another concept I am working on, Baphomet - The betrayer.

I have yet to do a version based on the last artwork, so that is in the works.



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