If there is one thing I have learned while studying 3D, it´s that there can never be to many tutorials. They were made as a part-requirement for a course in Gameproduction at university.


ZBrush Tutorials

spheremodellingSphere Modelling.
Creating a basic model from a Sphere by using the Move Tool.


Dragon sketch

ZSphere sketching.
I use ZSpheres to build a body for the dragons head and skin the mesh for detailing.



Retopology - making a dress
Rebuilding the mesh of Gretchen from Mimic to create a new tool; A brand new dress.



Retopology - making a new dragon head
To get a better edge-flow and to reduce the polygon-count, I made a new mesh from the spheremodell.




Texture with multiple tools
To There is a way to work with textures when you have several tools. I´ll show you how.





Baddies Illustrated cover by ~gaber111 on deviantART



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